Friday, December 28, 2012

3rd Party Transformers - MakeToys Green Giant - NOT Scavenger

It's Part 5 of our review of the MakeToys Green Giant. We've built his body and given him a head, now it's time to arm him, literally. Today we're going to take a look at our fist arm, the homage to G1 Scavenger... umm... Scavenger. Or as I'll be calling this guy... GG Scavenger.

So... does GG Scavenger bury his kin, or just dig his own grave? Take a peek after the jump.

Once again, this component to the MakeToys Green Giant comes packed in his Limb-mode and nestled nicely into his plastic clam-shell tray.

Like the rest of the team, he comes molded primarily in bright construction green with some charcoal gray and grey parts. The paint apps, once again are crisp and neat.

GG Scavenger's transformation to Bot-mode is pretty straight forward with a few small details.

Our first step is to pop the main body of the Alt-mode up off of the lower section and treads. The back of the driver's cab is the head. We need to pop that up ever so slightly so we can fold the arms out. Raise the rest of the upper part of the Alt-mode so it sits perpendicular to the treads. The head sits on a grey swivel jointed bar, spin it 180 degrees and fit the small post at it's base into the small slot at the top of the body

The next section we'll tackle is the combined form's connector post. Fold the square section up and snap it into place. Fold that section out at it's base making the square section face straight out and the round connector facing downward. Fold the entire piece at it's base straight up, this is GG Scavenger's back.


Fold GG Scavenger's feet out from the inside of the treads and spin them 180 degrees. Pull the gray bar out from the inside of the tread to form the heel.


There is a small section at the front of the tread that 'breaks'; this is where the Bot-mode knees will be. Rotate the leg outward at this point. The smaller part of tread gets pushed up and into the hips to form the thigh.

Unfold the arms and position at GG Scavenger's sides. Rotate the fists. The scoop is mounted into the arm and is not removable without a screwdriver. You can fold it up or leave it extended, your choice.  Like the rest of the Green Giant team, GG Scavenger is chock full of articulation; swivel and ball joints aplenty.



GG Scavenger's weapon pulls from the barrel section of Green Giant's combined gun. The gray barrels slide out from underneath. Using a tab on the underside, it can be mounted to his forearm using a slot in the exposed cab from the Alt-mode.


Getting GG Scavenger to limb mode is pretty easy. It's merely a partial transformation to Bot-mode using only the connection port in-between the treads.

Pop the upper portion off  the treads and fold the connector out like we did for the transformation to Bot-mode. But, instead of folding it back up to the body, make sure it aligns with the treads, square port facing out and round connector pointing down. Push the upper cab section back down onto the treads and snap it into place. Connect the forearm and hand piece to the square connector. And now you have an arm.


Open the port on the side of GG Hook to reveal the connection point for GG Scavenger and simply pop them together.


As compared to some of the other parts, TFC's Exgraver is a little bigger in both Bot and Alt-mode. And of course both tower over little G1 Scavenger.


The size variance is still puzzling to me. Half of Green Giant's component parts are equal in size to his Hercules counterparts, but their overall combined mode is still smaller. Granted, it doesn't bother me, but it is still puzzling. GG Scavenger is still a good figure. Like the rest of the crew, he has plenty of articulation to allow you to display him in a myriad of poses. The paint apps on all of these have also been consistently superb lending to the overall quality of the figures.

We're 5 bots down and 1 to go to our completion of this behemoth. Stay tuned as we finish the Giant off with MakeToys version of Bonecrusher!

Pics, review and back-fill by Scion of Primus.