Monday, October 8, 2012

Transformers Masterpiece - Toys R Us Exclusive - MP-10 Optimus Prime

Oh. My. God. Wait, wait... let me collect myself here and try this again.

So, I still have one of the Asia exclusives to go, Cliffjumper. Well, Cliffjumper just got himself bumped. Friday I get a text from Jason that he just missed getting the Hasbro Toys R Us exclusive version of the MP-10 Optimus Prime. I was saddened. Five minutes later, I get another text that basically says, pay me dude, it's yours. Both Zak and I were ecstatic.

So... Hasbro's rendition of  MP-10 Optimus Prime. Is he worth the C-note? I'm an Optimus collector, so I'm a little biased, follow the jump and see what you think.

This dude comes packed well. I couldn't even get the box into my light box to snap you some pics, so I had to take pics with him sitting on my man-cave couch.

Optimus comes packed like the rest of Hasbro's Masterpiece figures. The base of the box is a solid card frame that holds a large plastic widow display. The box is adorned with all manner of pictures of the figure in various states of transformation and with it's accessories. It's pretty impressive, and while I KNEW I was going to open this figure, it was still a tough decision.

From the front, we have a beautifully presented Optimus; posed somewhat dramatically with his Spark Chamber exposed (that sounds dirty) and the Matrix of Leadership showing. Optimus' trailer is closed up and we get his accessories, Roller, Ion Cannon, Energy Axe, and a little G1 Spike Witwicky presented for us to check out as well. The bottom right-ish corner gives us a few shots of Optimus in Alt-mode and a close up of the Matrix.

The sides of the packaging have some art of Optimus, along with his Tech-Spec on one side and a description of some of the figure's features and accessories on the other.

 The back of the packaging gives us more shots of the figure, another bullet point list of features, and finally, Optimus' bio.

If you've ever owned one of Hasbro's Masterpiece figures, the box Optimus is packed in open very similarl. On the bottom, you'll need to cut the tape around some plastic tabs, and then slide the plastic shell out. The bottom of the shell is taped and folded up. Once that is open, there is a folded up card box insert that the trailer is resting on that just slides right out. Then another card insert that is the background for Optimus and the back of the packaging. Optimus comes in a pretty standard plastic tray with paper ties holding him and his accessories in place. The trailer is held in place with plastic sheet ties. Optimus and his accessories are held in place fairly well, the packaging is functional and decorative and I'll give some props to Hasbros' design team on it.


First impression once Optimus is freed from his plastic tray...

He's light. Very light. I was afraid there might be some plastic issues. Most of the weight from the packaging comes from his trailer. He just felt, flimsy.

As I started playing with Optimus, I became more satisfied. He may feel light, but he's sturdy. I immediately had to check out his accessories... Axe, Ion cannon.

The energy axe simply slides over his fist; no hand removal or hiding necessary. It is also molded in 2 parts, the energy effect itself and then the axe blade and haft; which just plugs into the effect.

The Ion cannon... dude... the Ion cannon is awesome. Taking a page out of Dreamwave's play-book, Optimus can now store his main weapon in a spot on his back. The Ion canon folds up and stores nicely and then when drawn, is spring-loaded and snaps into form. THIS, is a neat feature.


 Storage on Optimus himself is right in the middle of his back...

For Optimus' hands, we don't get the articulation that we've seen in some of the Masterpiece figures. Optimus' lower three fingers are one piece on a hinge joint at the first knuckle. Optimus's index finger is separate and hinged both at the first knuckle and mid-digit.

In TF mythology, we found that one of the things that symbolized Optimus' leadership of the Autobots was the Matrix of Leadership. Over the years we've received a few figures that have either a removable Matrix (eg. Big Convoy, Mammoth Nemesis Prime) or a Matrix molded into part of their chest (e.g. Leo Convoy, Armada Optimus Prime). Our first Masterpiece Optimus, MP-01, came with a removable Matrix that even sat in a spark chamber that lit up. Our new Optimus is just as Matrix clad, though without the light up feature.

The Matrix appears to be the one piece of die-cast metal that is in the Hasbro version of the MP-10. The center is molded hollow and has a translucent blue 'crystal' at it's center. The center mass of the Matrix has also been paint washed in a gold color. It may not have a light up feature, but it still looks good.

Optimus's Alt-mode is not lacking either. This is a spot representation of Optimus as he should be. By should be, I mean as my childhood nostalgia will ALWAYS remember him.

There is plenty of detail throughout, even small side mirrors that fold out. Even though he has no doors, you can open the front of the cab up and place your little Spike figure in the driver's seat. I think a little cowboy hat wearing Peter Cullen would have been just awesome.

For the trailer, we get a pretty solid piece. As I mentioned earlier, most of the weight for this package is this beast. It is fully reminiscent of Optimus' G1 trailer, and fully functional as well. Closed up, it's a trailer. It does sit up on it's own has it has extending legs...

... which I didn't realize at the time of picture taking and only noticed after I was done and actually took time to look at the instructions.

We also get a one-up on our G1 trailer. Not only do the trailer doors open like they normally should, but we get an extendable ramp as well. The trailer volume itself is enough to hold Roller and one other Deluxe scale car... I happened to have Jazz immediately handy.


Open the trailer and we get a faithful replica of Optimus' Combat Deck. Towards the front of the trailer are the two stations that the Diaclone drivers could fit in; or now, your accompanying Spike figure. In the center we have the armed repair drone with articulated servo arm and radar dish. The cockpit of the repair drone opens up to seat your Spike figure as well.


On either side of the repair drone are storage spaces for Optimus' Ion canon and energy axe

 And of course, the entire combat deck can stand on end and fulfill it's repair bay mode.


Roller is quite the little surprise too; showing off a few hidden surprises. As I was looking at him, I noticed there were hinges built in. What were they for? I found that one little panel slid back and the whole back end of Roller opens up! The little piece flips back and allows a spot to place Optimus' Ion cannon.

Or, you can open the back entirely and rotate the cannon rest section around. Now, Roller can tow Optimus' trailer!

Maybe that's what happened when Optimus transformed. His trailer didn't just disappear, Roller drove it off.

Of course, this isn't the first 'Masterpiece' Optimus we've received, he is after all labeled MP-10... TEN! Out of all those MPs, most of them are variants of Optimus. I own the Hasbro 25th anniversary Optimus Prime and the MP-4S 'Sleep mode' Optimus. Both are excellent figures. The Hasbro MP-10 is definitely smaller than his predecessors but I feel what he lacks in size, he makes up for in appearance. I feel the Hasbro MP-10 is a much more accurate figure. He looks more solid, having less obvious 'HEY THIS PART MOVES' bits.

Bot-mode wise, MP-1 stands quite a few inches taller than than our new release. The Hasbro MP-10, aside from the light up Spark Chamber, also unfortunately lacks the moving mouth and the forearm communicators. I cant say that I miss them. The Hasbro MP-10 Optimus is an all new mold, and a damn good one; I think of him as an improvement really.

I would definitely keep the new Hasbro MP-10 on the shelf with my Classics figures. He may tower over a few of the bots, but shouldn't he? He's Optimus Friggin' Prime.


While I was taking pics and reviewing this new Optimus, I couldn't help but finally unpack a few of my Other Optimus'... Optimuses... Optimi?

What's the plural of Optimus? Oh yeah, Primes. heh.

I moved not to long ago and I'm still unpacking stuff to put on display and finally dug out a handful of Primes to stand with their new brother. He fits right in.

Can you name the Primes?
All in all, I am super satisfied with this figure. Hasbro may have taken it's cue or shared the mold with Takara, but they really knocked this out of the park. This figure is detailed, of a good size, well articulated, accessorized, and packed well. Just in the last 24 hours, he's been transformed a few times and he still feels solid. He'll make a good centerpiece for just about any Transformers collection, especially an Optimus collection. I hope you can find one of your own. Optimus comes packed 2 per case and you know most collector/buyers will just pick he case. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

My Peter Cullen Story

In '86, my father took me to see Transformers; The Movie. My dad loved Optimus Prime just as much as I did. When Optimus died, my father stood up and told me the movie wasn't worth watching anymore. I begged him to stay and he begrudgingly did with an "Alright, fine. But, I'm not going to enjoy it." he sat through it and sure enough to this day, hates the fact that Optimus died. He knows he came back, but the fact that they killed him in the first place makes him mad. In 2009, I got to meet Peter Cullen for the first time. While I was talking to him, I told him that story. He laughed, shook my hand and said 'Well, you tell your dad Optimus Prime says, hi". The man is is awesome.

With that, I leave you with a pic of me, meeting Peter Cullen, for the second time at Botcon in 2011 and the pic that I had him autograph. If you EVER get the chance to meet Peter Cullen, DO IT. He's a hell of a nice guy and really appreciates his fans.

Pics, review, and love of Peter Cullen by Scion of Primus.