Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Transformers Generations - Asia Exclusive - Deluxe Cliffjumper

This is it, the final of the four new Deluxe Asia turned Toys R Us exclusives, Cliffjumper.

Whether voiced by the Rock in Transformers Prime or Casey Kasem in G1, Cliffjumper has almost always been the hot-headed mini-bot with impulse issues and HUGE guns. I mean, where on earth did he pull that cannon from in G1's "More Than Meets the Eye" Part 2? Who knows.

No matter his chassis, Cliffjumper's personality has always remained true to his G1 persona. As for Cliffjumper's newest form, take a peek after the jump!

Our newest Cliffjumper comes to us as the GDO Asia Exclusive turned stateside Toys R Us exclusive. You'll immediately notice that he's clad in his Transformers Prime incarnation, but with a G1 head.

Packaging is standard Transformers Generations red card with, once again, bilingual English and Chinese writing. Cliffjumper's Tech-Spec and bio adorn the back of the card with shots of the figure in both Bot and Alt modes.

... blah, blah... tray... blah, blah ties... blah, blah instructions...

Not only is Cliffjumper in his Prime form, he's comes to us in the First Edition mold. What we received here in the states was the regular Deluxe mold. Which isn't a bad mold, but the First Edition (FE) mold is much more superior in size, look, and (I feel) accessories. I was able to get my own FE Cliffjumper through eBay, and I was glad I did.


This version of Cliffjumper is molded in a slightly darker red tone than the wide release Hasbro Deluxe version. Again, notice he is also slightly bigger.

If you've never had the chance to play with the FE version of Cliffjumper, I can't say enough about how I feel it's superior to the regular deluxe version. He has less fake Alt-mode kibble and built in weapons instead of some weird club/blaster thing. Much more show accurate in my opinion.


Of course the new thing we get with the Asia Exclusive Cliffjumper is the G1 head. I like it. The only thing I think could have made it better was a paint wash in the face to give it some depth. But yeah,  the vented  cowl and the horns, that's telltale Cliffjumper.

AND THEY LIGHT-PIPED HIM! Why light-pipe half of the figures? Swerve and Wheelie, no light-piping. Springer and Cliffjumper, light-piping. Do they only light-pipe the cool characters?

Compared to the FE version of Cliffjumper, we get the same figure; also in a darker shade than it's predecessor. The only other difference is, of course, the head. I do like the Prime version of Cliffjumper's head, I think it's a nice update but it's nice to have the G1 homage.

Jason has asked me a few times... why would Hasbro go through the trouble of making an obviously superior mold (the FE mold) and then releasing an inferior mold to the masses instead (the wide release Deluxe mold). Honestly, I don't know. As far as I recall, we never received the FE Cliffjumper in our area. All I remember seeing were Bumblebee's and Arcees. No Starscreams. No Primes. No Bulkheads. Why Hasbro botched distribution on these is anyone's guess.



Besides these newest molds, the only other Cliffjumpers I own are the WFC Bumblebee repaint and a Classics mold that I was fortunate enough to upgrade with a FansProject upgrade set. I also got the Beezleboss upgrade set and used the head as it allows for a smoother transformation that the FP head. The newer figures are definitely leaps and bounds over the Classics molds, but I still love 'em.

All in all... the is an excellent representation of Cliffjumper and a fantastic homage to G1. The mold, being newer, holds plenty of articulation. The built in weapons are a nice touch as compared to the held accessory; taking from the evolving mythos the idea that the Transformers have built in weaponry rather than carried weaponry.

If you like Cliffjumper, whether G1 or Prime, I highly recommend this mold to use in your collection or display. Hopefully, you can find one of these at your local Toys R Us.

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