Monday, October 1, 2012

Transformers Generations - Asia Exclusive - Deluxe Swerve

Well... this guy and his kin were quite the surprise to have found. I had just heard that these were to be headed our way in November as Toys R Us exclusives and made sure to fill in my crew so as to keep an eye out, and no more than a day later, I get the message from Jason that he found them at a local TRU. We received the Asia exclusives 2 months early! 

So, how does this particular repaint measure up? Take a look after the jump!

Our first of the 4 Asia Exclusives that we're going to look at is the Kup repaint, Swerve. And I say first because we were able to score the entire set! Look for Wheelie, Springer, and Cliffjumper soon!

Now, back to Swerve...

Swerve comes in the 'normal' TF:Generations, red carded, packaging adorned with character art. The first thing you may notice is that the cards are bilingual, English and Chinese. It's kind of a cool thing to see on the card if you're not used to seeing it... makes you feel like you found something exotic...

The back of the card gives us Swerve's bio and Tech-Spec readout... While I'm glad they include these, I do miss the card and red plastic decoder from the G1 days. I loved cutting those out and collecting them.

From the Bio, we see that Swerve is radically smart, but apparently absent minded when focused on a problem.

As usual, we get our Swerve packed in the standard plastic tray with the newer paper ties and the instructions imbedded underneath.

Obviously, Swerve is a repaint of the 2011 Transformers Generations Kup figure. Molded in primarily red plastic, Swerve's other major colors are black and white with some silver detailing. Instead of the small red Autobot shield being tampographed on the hood, we get a much larger, black shield tampographed on the roof of the truck making it nice and prominent. As with Kup, Swerve comes with an 'Exhaust Pipe Blaster' that fits nicely under his Alt-mode. In Bot-mode, the C-Clip holds it in place on one of the many C-Clip compatible areas throughout his Bot-mode.

I'm not going to go into a ton of detail regarding the overall figure itself. If you have Kup, you have this figure... but in teal... with a different head.

Swerve's head is indeed new. They didn't just take some different figure's head and slap it on Kup's recolored bod. Swerve's head has a few elements from his G1 counterpart... but his eyes are separate rather than being a visor.

Same truck... same bot...

Now, initially, I was going to pass on Swerve. I like the Kup mold fine, but Swerve was one of those characters I really didn't know or care about. What made me change my mind? I heard a rumor from a group I write in about iGear re-releasing their Kup head in this figure's red color, effectively making the toy a Shattered Glass version of Kup. I love me some Shattered Glass! So after hearing that, it made this figure a must buy.

iGear's Kup head with the Cy-gar is definitely one of my favorite pieces. With the advent of IDWs books and their takes on certain characters, Kup really began to stand out for me. While we already knew Kup was old and grizzled, I felt that he became more militaristic. You know what... now that I think about it... IDW turned Kup into Sgt. Apone from 'Aliens'... definitely Apone.

Kup - All right sweethearts, what're you waiting for? Energon in bed? Another glorious day in the Autobots! A day in the Autobots is like a day on the Petro-rabbit farm. Every Energon cube a banquet! Every paycheck a fortune! Every formation a parade! I LOVE the Autobots!
Hot Rod - Primus! This floor is freezing!
Kup - What do you want me to do, fetch your slippers for you?
Hot Rod - Gee would you sir? I'd like that.
(Kup pulls optic shielding down with middle finger)
Kup - Look into my optic!
Kup - Somebody wake up Springer.

So... what alternate personality would Kup have in the Shattered Glass universe? He's already crotchety and grizzled... how much more so could they make him? Hopefully the rumor is true and iGear is making the Shattered Glass Kup head. Even if they don't, I still have the second Cy-gar-less head from my initial buy from iGear, I can just paint it.

Anyway... if you like this mold, pick Swerve up. If you like bi-lingual cards, pick Swerve up. If you like exclusive figures, pick Swerve up. If you want to make a Shattered Glass Kup, DEFINITELY pick Swerve up.

Review, pics and 'Aliens' enthusiasm by Scion of Primus.