Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Transformers Generations 2012 Wv.2 - Combaticon Vortex

This is it, the last of the individual Combaticons, the crazy aerial interrogator, Vortex! Vortex comes to us labeled as number 3 of 5 in our Combaticon set, but, to follow suit, we've worked our way up Bruticus and have finally reached our last mitt.

Quick note... during my picture taking my camera sputtered out and joined the All-Spark, hopefully, the cell phone pics towards the end of the review aren't too bad... let me know.

So... onto Vortex, does he fly high, or just crash and burn... take a look after the jump.

Vortex is on of the Decepticon interrogator's. And honestly, no Autobot is really afraid of Vortex in a fight. What they're afraid of, is being one of his prisoners. Vortex's chosen method of interrogation isn't jamming shards of raw Energon under your finger plates, he takes you on a ride. Tied up in his cargo hold he cackles as he zigs and zags through rough terrain until you give up all your secrets. And after you've talked, the only landing you'll experience is the one he drops you to. Over on TFWiki... I saw it dubbed "Mr. Vortex's Wild Ride"... this Bot loves his job.

Like the rest of the Combaticons, Vortex comes packed on the red Generations card. We get even more fantastic art of Vortex at the top with shots of his vehicle mode on the bubble insert. And of course... "BUILD GIANT ROBOT!".


The card back is par for the course as well... Bio, Tech-Spec, Bot and Alt mode pics, and of course, Vortex's place on Bruticus.

Off the card... the usual paper ties and folded instructions underneath...

Our last first impression for the set...

Fruit-Stripe Vortex has the lack of heft that his team mates have, he just feels light. Molded in primarily bright red, Vortex';s color scheme is broken up with some black parts and some purple parts... which do nothing to tone down how RED he is.


For weapons, Vortex comes with what appear to be bladed pistols. Why he has two smaller knife-like weapons when he has a GIANT ROTOR BLADE on his arm, I have no idea. The 'pistols'... I'm gonna call them "gun-blades" from here on out...  have two grips allowing them to be held like either pistols or knives.


The rotor set-up on Vortex's arm does not seem to sit well; nor does it lend well to his arm articulation. In order to put it off to the side, you have to have his arm rotated outward, making his hand face palm forward and his elbow only bend out away from his body. At a distance, it's not really noticeable. Up close, you can see that his arm is positioned oddly.

The plate the rotors are hooked to does NOT come off.

Getting Vortex into Alt-mode is pretty intuitive...

Fold his head ALL the way back and then fold back the black plate that it is hooked to. Swing the entire back assembly forward followed with spinning Vortex at the waist 180 degrees.


Fold out the skids on the back of Vortex's legs. Fold the legs up at the knees, but before folding them up completely, rotate out the black cannon that will wind up being at the nose of the Alt-mode.

The arms were a little tricky at first.. they require a  combination of folding and rotation. The forearm gets folded at the elbow back to the shoulder. make sure the plate on the forearm matches the contour of the upper arm, lining up the purple will help. This in turn gets folded at a hinge on the torso inward, forming the hull of the Alt-mode.

Mimic the same process for the left arm. When you're done, the rotor plate will be on top of the Alt-mode chassis... as it should be, right? Rotate the plate so it's length flows with the Alt-mode body and swing the rotors apart.

There are two post holes on the skids that Vortex's gun-blades can be plugged into to enhance his firepower.

Getting Vortex to Appendage mode, I feel, is best started from Alt-mode. The directions have you start from Bot-mode. Remove the gun-blades from the posts. Split the front end open and flip the cannon back in and the hand out.


You'll notice, like the other Bruticus parts, the thumb can rotate to either side of the hand, making it a left or a right. based on the classic Bruticus, I'm sticking with Vortex being the left arm.

The mid-section of the Alt-mode sits on a plate that folds in on itself. Fold it out straight effectively lengthening the arm. Rotate the now upper arm 90 degrees and fold out the connector port.


Like Blast Off's Appendage-mode, I find Vortex's to be a little lengthy. I folded it partially back up to shorten it some, and I like the look.

Compared to the Energon mold... the Vortrxes once again have a large disparity in size. The generations mold being once again larger. Both Appendage modes are roughly equal in size though.


As for Bruticus himself... he's gonna get a few more pics... but just to tease you... Fruit-Stripe Bruticus! And of course... FP Upgraded Bruticus.

It's odd... Bruticus looks like he's thundering forward. Which is cool... but that's how he's put together. I have done nothing to pose him that way.

So there you have it... the Generations Combaticons by Hasbro. I'm happy with them overall. They do feel a bit light and the colors are a tad garish, but man... it's freaking BRUTICUS! We finally got a new combiner! Sure the last combiners we received were during the Revenge of the Fallen, but even those were repaints of the Energon molds from 2005. So technically, it's been 7 years since we received a 'new' combiner. And what we got is of a good scale, and yeah, I'm happy with it. He will in no way replace my FansProject Bruticus, but he has his own place in the scheme of my collection.

Check back tomorrow for more shot of Bruticus himself!

Pics, review, and gestalt technology by Scion of Primus.