Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mystique: Marvel Legends 2013 Wave 3

Apparently Madam Hydra's head sculpt wasn't entirely terrible.  Throw some blue paint, red lipstick and a white skull on it's forehead and you have Mystique!  Applying green makeup, however, requires a paper bag to hide the hideous visage...  In this case Blue > Green...  who knew.

Mystique is a full repaint except for possibly her hair.  I can't place it.  It may be new.  The rest have been well used.  It''s hard to get excite and go into details about re-used bits.  But feel free to stare and enjoy them.   Black Widow's body does look absolutely lovely in blue and black.  But, you can be the judge of that.  Oh yah, and she comes packed with another one of the bases.

She does sport an arsenal of weapons and who can complain about that!  The body is Black Widow's from the TRU two packs.  Although she does have a little difficult time holding the rifles properly, she should have enough weapon options to keep you happy.

Her "variant" Dani Moonstar should be available later this year, but honestly Mystique looks to be the better looking figure.