Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Avengers - Costco Exclusive SHIELD Quinjet with Captain America and Iron Man

What, you didn't know this was coming out?  Yeah don't worry, until about 3 days ago, I don't think anybody knew this was coming out.  But I love surprises.  So what's the deal with this release?  More movie-accurate deco on the awesome Quinjet, and a couple of unusual repaints on Cap and Stark.  More after the jump.

This one really came out of left field.  It wasn't mentioned or shown at SDCC, and to my knowledge, has not been otherwise announced by Hasbro.  It literally just started showing up in Costco stores this week.

If you've seen the wide-release Avengers Quinjet, then you know it didn't quite look like the jets in the movie.  It featured a grey, gold and yellow paint job that looked good, but didn't match up to its on-screen counterpart.  Well Costco of all places has this newly-deco'd version to give us something a little more accurate.

The packaging is similar to the wide release version, but features this predominately silver and grey version of the jet in the artwork.  You'll also notice in the window box that two figures are included, redeco's of Captain America and Iron Man.  More on them in a minute.

The jet itself is from the same molds as the original release, so I won't go into too much detail on all the features and functionality, but it's all still there.  And as I said in the original review, I think this is an awesome toy, despite not holding as many figures as in the movie.

"Hulk still no fit.  Hulk sad."

The deco is the main difference.  Instead of the gold and yellow on the first release, this version is molded in a slightly darker gun metal color with metallic silver painted on the wings and cockpit areas.  You'll also notice red and grey highlights throughout.  And the cockpit plastic is molded in transparent red this time.  Overall, it's a more detailed and nicer looking paint job.  Not 100% movie accurate, but much closer, and more realistic looking.

The decals are largely the same as the original release, with one exception.  Instead of the Avengers "A" logos, this one includes SHIELD logos; two large ones for the wings, and four smaller ones for the stabilizers, or wherever you want to put them.  This also adds to the movie-authenticity, since the Quinjets were SHIELD vehicles, and not Avengers vehicles, in the movie.

So that's the jet.  The figures included, surprisingly, are NOT repaints on the traditionally craptastic, 5-POA pieces of junk that Hasbro usually includes as pack-in figures in the Marvel movie lines.  Instead, these are repaints of the single carded versions of the characters.  Surprising move by Hasbro, but considering that this is a Costco release, and value is the focus, it makes sense.

Cap is a repaint of Shield Launcher Captain America, with all of the blue in his uniform and shield replaced by grey.  This is an entirely made up paint job, and makes little sense, but it actually looks kinda cool.  Definitely more military-ish and less spangly outfit.  He includes his pistol as well, but not the giant shooty shield launcher accessory.  Which I'm not even the least bit sad about.

Iron Man is a repaint of Heavy Artillery Iron Man Mk VI, but also with more grey in his costume, this time replacing all of the gold bits.  Again, completely made up, never seen in the movie-verse paint job, but it looks kinda cool.  Almost reminds me of the Silver Centurion armor from the comics.  Iron Man again does not include his original spring loaded shooty weapon, and I couldn't care less.

Over all, this is a pretty awesome release.  You get a better looking Quinjet and two interesting repaints of single carded figures for just a few bucks more than the normal release Quinjet.  I paid $29-ish for this set before tax.  Granted, you'll also need a Costco membership (or a friend with one- thanks Matt!) to get it, but it's well worth going out of your way to pick up if you collect this line.  These are just now starting to hit, so they should be readily available at most or all Costco locations in the coming days.  Matt and I counted about 150 of these in stock at our local Costco last night, so they should be available well into the holiday shopping season.  If you haven't picked up a Quinjet yet, or even if you have, this is the one to get.