Friday, September 14, 2012

Superman: DC Universe All Stars

It's hard not to like good ole Supes.  The epitome of hope.  Truth, Justice and the American way or is it Truth, Justice and all that stuff... as coined in Superman Returns.  We all want to forget that movie, but it's so hard to erase that steaming piece of garbage from our braincase.  So hard.

The DCnU rebooted Supes.  Although he is basically the same, his has look changed.  He lost his outside undies.  The look that inspired kids to wear a towel around their neck and their underwear outside their pants is gone.  Sad as it is, the figure still came out spectacularly!

DC Universe style packaging....  not much to talk about.  Once again way over-sized for the figure.

DC Universe style articulation.  No rocker ankles or double joints.  No extra articulated hands...  C'mon Mattel, how does Hasbro do it?

The sculpt, however, is great.  Little lines all over his costume.  A sculpted "S" on his chest is one of the single greatest things ever!  Details adorn his hands and boots.  His belt is also new.  Mine seems to be stuck in place however, limited waist movement.  I am not sure how much I like the head sculpt.  It kinda looks like him, but I don't think it as good of likeness as DCnU Batman's.

The paint is good.  Not a whole lot you can screw up there.  He even has a black "S" on the back of his cape!  Love it.

"Batman, I've always loved you."



  1. I have to disagree with your views on the articulation. Granted, it's ont Marvel Legends standard, but I think these figures have more than enough articulation. (But rocker ankles would be awesome)

    1. The difference between single and double jointed elbows and knees is extreme. Check out Jin Saotome's Batman and tell me that you would not like a Batman like that...

      Non-fist hands, accessories, and great articulation all add up to a better figure experience...

    2. actually that kinda breaks up the ovveral look of the figure, because sometimes with the double jointed kness and such, they end up turning a costumed human charecter into a robot looking humanoid version of the charecter.

    3. The figures that are double jointed in DC Universe Classics turned out great. If you are looking for the look over posability, DC Direct is really the way to go. Less articulation and more emphasis on the "statue" quality of the figure.

    4. I'm not looking for a look over posability i love articulation alot! but do you not rember scarecrow, the figure that's knees we're so faulty almost none of them wouldn't break, i sure do, And alot of times you notice faulty quality with double jonited figures, double jointed knees can make or break a figure i respect your opinion but i still stick to mine, not every dc universe charecters is as agile as say robin, or nightwing, and i respect mattel for doing something unique and different with their quality articulation, really there's not that much to change, not everything has to have legends styled articulation.

    5. I have Scarecrow and I know what kind of pos he is.

      But... I also have Azrael, Mercury, Creeper, Nekron, and the Black Hand... so, tell me how those are bad...

      It doesn't equal to the agility of a character, it is standard human body movement. Vigilante should be able to hold his rifle properly with two hands for example

      I personally think Mattel is going the cheaper route. They already have those particular legs/arms in single joints and aren't ready to spend the $$$ to change it. (I'm pretty much done with fists too... ugh fists..)

      Can I live with single joints? Yes, I can. But I always find myself playing with a toy and enjoying myself a lot longer when the articulation has gone that extra mile. Iron Man from wave 1 of RoML for example. I didn't care about the figure before he was in my hands, but then I couldn't put him down. I printed a twister mat and challenged the variant to a match!

    6. i have, azrael, mercury, creeper and black hand and i love those figures because their double joints we're a treat to pose, i want double joints just as much as you do, but after mattel's harsh treatment of fans i've lost interest in subscription figures, i can see what your saying i love extremis iron man also picked him up at a local convention awhile back, but the reason i enjoy double joints on dcuc's every blue moon is, they feel more special, with marvel legends if they stopped using double joints it'd feel they took something that was always their, with mattel, its more of like a working class family giving a child an ice cream every 2 months it makes it more special, and your right vigilante should be able to fire a revovler like old western cowboys. but sometimes alot of mattels double joints get warped in package making them look more ugly and less appealing and i hate that! i really know what your trying to get across here, but not everything can have marvel legends articulation i could easily say that marvel legends should have figma, and revoltech articulation, but i don't, different companies have unique ways of articulating their figures.