Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Scout Predator - NECA Predator 2 Series 6

I'm a little sad to be finishing up the Lost Tribe with this review, because they've been a lot of fun to collect and examine individually over the last several waves, but I'm so incredibly stoked to have a complete tribe on my shelf now that I can't stay sad for too long.  Besides, if SDCC was any indication, we still have plenty of awesome Predator badassness coming our way from NECA in the future.  And while some may consider the Scout Predator here to be the least interesting of the wave, I've saved my favorite for last.

Scout's packaging is identical to the rest, save for the photo of him on the bubble insert and card back.  With this being the last figure from Predator 2 (for now, at least), I'm really curious to see what the packaging will look like for the next series.

The figure is again a complete re-use of the City Hunter body and armor, complete with all of the great articulation of the rest of the tribe, but with a head wearing the "classic" mask, and all repainted in a more traditional "Jungle Hunter" scheme.

That's why this guy is probably my favorite of the whole tribe.  Despite how awesome all of the unique masks, armor designs and paint schemes are (and they are all awesome), nothing tops the original, classic design in my mind.  And this is the member of the Lost Tribe that most resembles that.  You can show any of the other members of the tribe to a random person on the street, and they may or may not recognize it as a Predator, or an alien, or a Power Ranger... but I'd be willing to bet that almost everyone would recognize this.  This is the iconic design.  And I'm a sucker for the classics.

The paint detailing is, as usual for NECA, top notch.  Great texture achieved on the armored parts, good mottled and blended skin tones on the flesh parts, and nice clean lines on the netting.  One added little touch that I thought was pretty cool, and not included on any other members of the tribe, was some blood painted onto the wrist blades.

Just as with the Warrior Predator that we reviewed yesterday, the only accessory included with the Scout here is a throwing disc, and just as with the Warrior, Scout's disc doesn't fit snugly into its holster.  I suspect that the mold has begun to deteriorate from use (it has been used on most of the Lost Tribe Predators).  This is the one complaint I have with an otherwise outstanding figure.

The Scout Predator is appealing to both the die hard and the casual collectors, because in addition to being one of the obscure, blink-and-you'll-miss-him Predators from the final scene of P2, he also closely resembles the more recognizable Predator from the first movie.  For this reason, I would suggest not passing this guy up when you come across him at retail.  If your local collecting ecosystem is anything like mine, you may only ever see Predator figures once, maybe twice, at retail before they're snatched up and gone for good.  And I'm willing to bet that this Scout Predator is one of the fastest to disappear thanks to his dual appeal.  BBTS has this wave available for pre-order, and it is also showing up at retail now, so get to hunting.

Now begins the long wait for Series 7....