Saturday, September 1, 2012

Metron: DC Club Infinite Earths

When voting concluded on the DC Club Infinite Earths subscription only figure, it was Metron.  I personally wasn't super excite as I have no connection to the character.  But I welcome any well designed and executed figure.  Especially one with a Mobius Chair.  Adding characters to the New Gods ranks also appeals to me.  If you are curious to a bit of Metron's history, click here.

Once again, the packaging of DC Club Infinite Earths is top notch.  Great artwork graces the box.  A decent bio fills us briefly in on the character.  It does make the Mattycollector exclusive figures a bit special and it makes you think twice about freeing your figures.

There isn't anything special about the buck that is used for Metron.  The Standard later model DC buck with no rocker ankles.  He does have a sculpted head and his hands are designed to sit well in his chair.  You can always feel the design budget crunch when you buy a Mattel 6 inch DC figure.  I would kill for sculpted costumes and rocker ankles.  Maybe someday (I believe we are getting some sculpted costumes in DC Unlimited!)...

The paint design and apps are very clean and complete the look of Metron, but we all know that Metron is nothing without his chair.  The design of the chair is sharp.  It is packaged in two different parts that easily snap together.  Metron sits well in his chair and completes the small diarama.