Monday, September 10, 2012

Marvel Legends Wave 3: Iron Man

When Wave 3 was revealed, I was less the excited for another Iron Man.  After two movies and The Avengers, I am all Iron Man'd out.  But, this figure was a little bit of a surprise.
I want to thank Enrique for grabbing this one for me at Target.  Strange as it is, I am pretty sure it was a return from someone's case that is enjoying the entire wave as we speak (mine should be here this week!).  If you don't have a network of toy buds, you should get one...  

"Neo Classic" Iron Man's paint is won me over.  It is shiny and metallic and looks damn good.  The sculpt works.  The articulation isn't overly great as it is limited by shoulder pads and huge boots!  His feet limit his exciting poses, but in a Hall of Armor, he will fit right in!  He comes with a stand (that originated from old HeroScape game and was also seen in the Avenger Movie 6" figures).  He will definitely be the peg warmer of the wave being packed 2 per case, but he doens't deserve to be left behind...

"Aren't you a little short for an Iron Man?"


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