Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Doctor Doom: Marvel Legends 2012 Wave 3

Doctor Doom.  In wave 3 we have a lot of anti-heroes.  And then we have Doctor Doom.  One of the most iconic and powerful villains in the Marvel Universe.  Enemy to the Fantastic Four... or is he?  Well, yes he is, but he did have a stint as a member of the Future Foundation.  Of which we will have a variant of at a future time.  How exciting!  chasing variants!  YAY!

Hasbro definitely caught what I feel to be the essence of Doom in this figure.  And I had a huge surprise when I discovered his mask was removable!  Of course this has probably already been revealed, but it was news to me!  I love the look and the cloak is great.  The detail of his armored bits stands out.  His holster has a little tab that tucks his pistol in securely.  My only complaint: scale.  Marvel Legends is struggling keeping the characters in scale with each other.  It is something that can be overlooked, but it's unfortunate how short Tony Stark seems...

Hasbro's packaging continues to be artistic.  Capturing the characters with great artwork.  Doom comes with a pistol, a removable cloak and helm, and another figure stand.

The articulation is limited.  But that should be expected when you have armor bits here and a waist skirt there.  No rocker ankles or double jointed elbows/knees, but elbows/knees/ankles are hinge ball joints.  And that makes up for a lot.  He doesn't have wrists, but he has rotating joint at the upper forearm.  His head has a good range of movement once his cloak is off.  Doctor Doom has a good overall balance between inhibiting character design and articulation.

 Did I mention his removable helmet?  Part of what makes his look so complete, are his sculpted and paint eyes peering out from behind the mask.  Great Execution!  You can't see them well (or really at all) in the pic, but trust me, they are there.  I'm not sure what I think of the smirk, but I feel Doctor Doom never actually smiles...

A shot to compare scale.  Stark is SHORT!

And of course, Doom should get the girl.  After all, he is the Doctor!