Thursday, September 6, 2012

DCnU Batman: DC Universe Classics All Stars

Despite having single jointed knees and elbows and no rocker ankles, this Batman really kicks some butt.  He brings all the aspects of the new Batman design and the all new sculpted bits make him an immediate favorite.

DC Universe Classics has long since suffered from painted on costumes.  But no more!  Batman has a sculpted freaking Bat symbol!!!!  He has the strangely designed costume lines (a la DCnU) sculpted into his buck!  New boots and gloves and even a new head, very much like Jim Lee's artwork, put the final bit of awesome into him.  Although I can't make him pose every which way and he has no accessories (boo!), I will remain satisfied with the great sculpted pieces we did get.

The packaging is standard.  Same stuff we have seen waves 16 through 20.

 Check out the detailing in the figure.  The best we have seen since the original DC Superheroes line. 

You really have to love the gauntlets... 

All of the detailing on the costume is slightly subtle but stands out once you notice it.

He fits into a evolution of Batman by the Four Horsemen...  there are countless others.  Don't forget Clayface'd Batman that I believe represents a long battle with Mr. Hanky....

And of course, Batman likes ninjas...  hot ninjas.
Remember Batman.  Rule number one of Bat Club, keep it in the freaking bat suit...