Friday, September 21, 2012

Black Mask: DC Club Infinite Earths

Black Mask.  Let's do this one down and dirty.  The reviews for this guy have been up for months, but I just got a hold of mine.  I'm not on Mattel's "get the figs early to review list" so I wait like everyone else.

I love the packaging art.  I say it every time I get a Club figure.  If this figure was based on the art, we would have a hell of an amazing design.

Mostly made of re-used parts like most of Club Infinite Earths figures.  Black Mask sports a nice head sculpt and more importantly, he actually has 3 accessories.  A knife and what looks to be a bladed tuning fork complete his weapon arsenal.  The puzzling one is the Batman Cowl.  Sure it's pretty neat and who doesn't want a removed Bat Cowl... but seriously, what is the little hole in the back of it for?  Designed for someone to hold it?  Not Black Mask.  I tried and tried again to no avail.  If anyone out there figured it out, please let me know.

I like the Black Mask figure and I will display him proudly.  

"I like my mask black and my girls blue"