Monday, August 6, 2012

Voltar: GI Joe Convention 2012

Destro's General, Voltar, graced us with an appearance in this year's GI Joe Club convention boxed set.  I couldn't have been more thrilled!  Using parts from the RoC Accelerator suit (which looks surprising good repainted) and PoC Beachheads legs, he joins the ranks of the Iron Grenadiers in the 25th/30th Anniversary styles.

Quite noticeably, Voltar has different weapons than his previous incarnation.  Apparently the old Backpack, condor, and weapon molds are no longer in existence or I would have expected those with this figure.  Instead we got a gold and gray plastic realistic guns...  I don't like them.  At all.  We do get a sword and scabbard which work quite nicely.

His file card:

Voltar's head is newly sculpted and it turned out fantastic!  (He honestly looks exactly like one of the guys I met in New Orleans... coincidence?  I think not.)  His helmet is also new but based on the old design.  One might complain about how the helmet sits on his head, but I honestly think it is perfect.  (It must be noted that it is extremely pliable and the packaging of the figure in the box set left the helmet a bit squished.  Nothing a little hot water didn't fix.) The color choices are spot on and as a Voltar fan, I am quite pleased.  Especially since I already had a modified backpack and his original gun and condor!

JoeCon Voltar        -        Original Voltar        -        Custom Voltar

 And of course...  Voltar with Black Widow.  Every General needs his assassin...