Friday, August 3, 2012

The Best Video Game Setup Ever

If one picture tells a thousand words, this one would be a strong candidate.  I believe there's 26 game units in this image, but click to the jump to see a larger image.  Notice the lights illuminating each system.  Can you name all the systems, along with your favorite games from each?


  1. I think I can name all but 3, but the pic is kinda blurry, so it's tough to tell

  2. I see a jdm Sega saturn, nintendo 64, game cube, original xbox, ps2, dreamcast, sega genesis mark ii, psx, super nintendo, turbo grafx 16, neo geo, nintendo mark ii, original nintendo, atari 2600, sega genesis mark i. Theres a few thats hard to see bc of the pic quality though. I thought I may have seen a super famicom. I want to know what kind of shelving unit that is because I'd like to put out all my systems like that.

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