Thursday, August 30, 2012

Review: Marvel Universe Series 4 #12 – She-Hulk

People love the big green guy. He’s his own man, he’s an Avenger, he introduced us to Wolverine, and oh yea, he’s got a green lady cousin. In 1980, we met Jennifer Walters, lawyer by day, green monster by night. At different times, she has been a member of the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, S.H.I.E.L.D., the Defenders and a few other super groups. We just got a She-Hulk packed with Wolverine and a comic, but now she’s on her own, SingleGreen Female. So is this version worth grabbing? That’s what the review is for!

So didn’t we get another She-Hulk just a couple of weeks ago? Yea, we did. But when you’re the baddest babe in the universe, you’re allowed another — especially when you have multiple outfits. This time She-Hulk comes packed all on her own. The green and white nameplate plays well off the character and her outfit. Nice piece of art, and decent enough mini-comic cover. The back of the card has a cool blue and white version of the front image peeking behind the Marvel Universe logo, which I like. And of course, MODOK is down at the bottom harassing you to buy more Hasbro plastic.

If you’ve already gotten the comic pack, then this She-Hulk sculpt is going to look mighty familiar to you. This time, she’s painted a little darker, and has her pink and white unitard and fingerless gloves. Yes, you need fingerless gloves to be a bad ass green lady lawyer. Overall, it’s a nice looking figure. The wash on the hair gives good green highlights to those dark locks. Personally, I like the shade of green better than the comic pack version.

Not a lot to say on articulation or accessories. Accessories are none, so that’s that. Not sure what you would give her, so I’m not going to complain about it. The articulation is standard Marvel Universe fare. Since her outfit consists basically of wrestling attire, there’s nothing to get in the way of her movement, so she can handle just about any pose you want to put her in.

I was excited to hear we were getting a She-Hulk. I was a little confused that we were getting two (essentially) simultaneously. It’s an odd strategy, marketing-wise. Well, I’m one of the saps that got them both.

For me, this is the better version. I like the outfit better, and I like the darker coloring. Let’s face it; we don’t get a lot of female figures in “boy” lines. I wouldn’t say she’s outstanding enough to go on a huge hunt for, but if you see She-Hulk on the pegs, pick her up. You won’t be disappointed.