Thursday, August 9, 2012

More Hijinks from Matty Collector

Are you a Matty Collector? Have you been roped in to a subscription for fear of not getting all the new figures from your favorite line? Well, if you're a Master of the Universe Classics collector, you (along with DCU collectors) have spent the past couple of weeks being lured along by "Toy Guru" and the folks over at Matty Collector by a number of "incentives" meant to sweeten the subscription deal. Among these incentives, MOTUC subscribers were to be given a vote on a fan's choice figure. But how legit was that vote?

Straight from the Matty Club Eternia page:

"NEW! Buy a Sub, Get a Vote: All 2013 Club Eternia® subscribers have the chance to vote on a new 2013 Fan’s Choice figure! For every subscription you purchase, you’ll receive a code to cast your vote for a figure to be produced in the fall of 2013."

Sounds good right? Then, directly from the Club Eternia "Congratulations":

"Poll opens 7/13 at 1 p.m. PT and closes 8/8 at 11:59 p.m. PT (don’t wait to vote because once the poll closes, there won’t be another chance)."

Makes sense, I suppose. I mean, you can't leave the polls open indefinitely. But wait, what's this message from @MattyCollector's Twitter page on August 7?

Honestly, I seriously doubt that anyone purchased the sub solely on the fact that they got a vote. But that being said, with all of the controversy surrounding the subscriptions this year (DCU subs doubled in the last half-day, really?) and the general customer service issues of Matty/Digital River, well, collectors can be a finicky bunch. So Matty, you just mind your Ps and Qs, buster, and remember who you're dealing with! Announcing a winner more than 24 hours before a vote is supposed to end? You make some great figures (well, the Four Horsemen do), but it's things like this that make so many collectors lose belief in anything you say, and generally cry "foul".