Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Atrocitus: DC Club Infinite Earths

Atrocitus.  How I love Atrocitus.

 Mattel logistics.  How I hate Mattel logistics, or should I say Digital River's Customer Service and Newgistics.

Briefly, let me reveal my experience with Digital River's CS and move on to the vertically challenged Atrocitus.

You can make your own conclusion based on my tracking information:

I made three Customer Service calls to try to rectify this strange shipped to IA and back to CA issue.  That must be logistics.  Each time I called, there was no record of my previous call.   I basically was told I need to wait for international shipping standard time to pass before I would be able have anything fixed.  My package was lost for 19 days...  I was told I would receive an email from someone.  I never did.  I also tried to get my shipping changed to UPS and was told a ticket was created to make it so.  It never happened.    Somehow, miraculously, I received my package with Atrocitus and Metron.  I was surprised and relieved.  Please tell me how Digital River has been improved:  Matty Announces Digital River Improvement.  I hope I never have to call them again...

Atrocitus.  At first I was concerned about no movement in his neck.  None at all.  But after a little google'ing, I found that mine was just stuck tight.  Thankfully I got it turning without breaking anything.  I also was not sold on his face sculpt.  Then along came his height.  Disappointing.  Charge me $5 more and give me another 1/2 inch.  Matty, we will pay extra for a fully tooled figure.  Give us 11 standard and 1 higher priced fully tooled fig.  Please...  And give me a proper height Atrocitus!

Again, the packaging is well done.  I love the artwork by Mike Thompson.  It really has a classy look to it.
Do yourself a favor and follow him on twitter.  He seems to love interacting with his fans:

 Not a whole lot of extra space in his bubble... ENOUGH TO MAKE HIM FREAKING TALLER!!!!

A man and his cat.

I am reminded how awesome sculpted symbols would be.

His neck shroud was too tight around his head.  Hampering the motion in his neck.  (Granted he has very little...)  I peeled mine back and was much happier

I appreciate the detail of the hands.  It definitely completes the look of the figure.

Look at me!  I'm short!  Look at me! I'm stuck in this pose!  Obviously, somewhere in between these two figures is a great poseable, in-scale figure. 

Hey Skallox, You are tall bro!

I like the Mattel sculpted lantern a little bit better.  (As seen on the left)

"Be my angry mermaid forever!"
"Sorry Sweety, but you are bit too short for my taste..."