Friday, July 13, 2012

SDCC 2012 - NECA Predators, Horror & Sci-Fi

Check out all the awesome new Predators, Gremlins, Terminator and more after the jump.

Notes from Zak:
  • As NECA has been promising, we got a sneak peak at some new Predator 25th Anniversary awesomeness.  Check out the TWO versions of Dutch!  (I know our friend Randy at is stoked about that)
  • Also, red samurai Predator?  Yes please!
  • Also also, ANOTHER Toys R Us exclusive, the battle damaged City Hunter, complete with breath mask.  Nice!
  • Some new quarter-scale Preds were on display also, a City Hunter and Warrior
  • Colonial Marines!!! Game over man!  Game over!  (And Jason missed getting a pic of that one)
  • Gremlins series 3, new Freddy and Jason figs, new Terminator figs (Reese!), Rocky figs, and E.T. all look great.
  • Unfortunately, when Jason was at the booth to snap these photos, security wasn't allowing photos of the Prometheus line.  We'll try to get photos of those soon.

Pics from Jason: