Thursday, July 12, 2012

SDCC 2012 - Marvel Universe Display Case and Diorama

Check out some photos of Hasbro's Marvel Universe diorama, display cases, and random ninjas after the jump.

Notes from Zak:
  • Not a lot of new stuff in the Marvel Universe display.  The only NEW (as in, we didn't already know about it) figure so far is a brand new sculpt of Rhino.
  • The majority of these single-pack figures were seen at SDCC and NYCC last year, and sadly they still aren't out.  What's up with the craptastic distribution this year, Hasbro?  And apparently the Professor X wave has now been pushed to Spring 2013.
  • The new team packs look great!  But where are Rogue's eyebrows?!?  Blackagar Boltagon looks awesome sauce.
  • Lots of new comic packs shown, but all the figures included are repaints and kitbashes.  Avengers Vs. X-Men, and Spider-Man themed packs are the quick cash-grabs for Hasbro right now because of their tie-ins to the AvX comics and ASM movie.  The FF pack with white Dr. Doom and inverse-colors FF Spidey looks pretty slick though.
  • Where is the Ant-Man and Moon Knight comic pack shown last year??  
  • There is a comic pack coming with Spidey and Rhino (as an apparent tie-in to the Amazing Spider-Man movie), but that's the older Spider-Man line Rhino mold, different from the new Rhino also on display.
  • No sign of Fin Fang Foom, or any other Masterworks.
  • Nothing really new in The Avengers display that we haven't seen already.
  • The diorama appears to have several customs in it, including Purple Man, Norman Osborn, and Sharon Carter.  Don't count on these being released.  They all look like repaints using G.I. Joe parts.

Pics from Jason.  Enjoy.