Monday, July 9, 2012

Mattel 2013: DC Unlimited and Batman Unlimited

While I am a big fan of Mattel's DC run (mostly due to the awesome Four Horsemen), I am bummed out by the apparent lack of BAFs in the re-imagination of DC Universe Classics.  Honestly, BAFs (oversized figures) rule and knowing I have to rely on Digital River to actually get them saddens me.  I still am waiting on Atrocitus and Metron as they are lost in shipping limbo.  SAD METRON!

Click through for the case asst's!

Anyhow DC Unlimited....

It looks like this will be where we get all things non-Bat related.

Wave 1 as per BBTS: (click here to pre-order)

1x Superman (New 52 Refresh) 
1x The Flash (New 52) 
1x Hawkman (New 52) 

I say a big HELL YES to Savage Hawkman... HELL YES!!  Excited for Flash and the re-issue of the Supes, but Hawkman...  WOOHOO!!  Hope he looks as good as this pic: big, spiky, and SAVAGE!

1x Batgirl (New 52) 
1x Penguin (I'm assuming this is the Super Powers deco we have been waiting for)
1x Batman (New 52 - Redeco) 

I'm a big yes for the Batgirl... the others may or may not be exciting... redecos are not exciting...