Friday, July 6, 2012

DC Collectibles Reveals San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive: Green Lantern Action Figure 2-Pack

Finally!  3.75" DC that don't SUCK!

G4’s “X-Play” got the first look at the new Con Exclusive from DC Collectibles – an all-new GreenLantern two-pack action figure set that will only be available to San Diego Comic-Con attendees.  The DC Comics Super Heroes Kyle Rayner & Kilowog Action Figure 2-Pack is the first in an entirely new line of action figures sized at 3.75” from DC Collectibles. This new scale will only be available at conventions.  Priced at $25 for the set, the figures are super-poseable and very detailed. Make sure to stop by the Graphitti Designs booth (#2315) during the convention to get your exclusive 2-Pack set and keep an eye out for other 3.75” figure exclusives from DC Collectibles at future conventions! And don’t miss the DC Collectibles panel on Thursday, July 12 from 1:00 – 2:00pm in Room 5AB.

Source:  DC Collectibles


  1. Sigh. I'm not much of a DC fan and I want this. It must be my brain making me want it ONLY because it is an SDCC exclusive.

    1. That's a totally legit medical phenomena, RPM. I'm slightly experiencing it as well.

    2. For the low low price of $500, I'll sell you one Zak! :D