Friday, June 15, 2012

Shae Vizla – Star Wars Vintage Collection VC101

Fans of the Star Wars Vintage Collection, or of badass female characters with intimidating armor and wrist-mounted flame throwers, will no doubt be hunting for this figure. Check out Shae Vizla after the jump.

For the uninformed, Shae Vizla is the female Mandalorian Bounty Hunter that first appeared in the first cinematic trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic.  Note that her name is spelled differently than other notable EU Mandalorians Tor Vizsla and Pre Vizsla, whom she has no confirmed connection to.  I'm sure she was intended to be their ancestor, though, and someone at Lucasfilm misspelled the name.  If not, then they've really run out of creative steam.

Admittedly, I have yet to get sucked into SW:TOR. The trailers all looked pretty damn awesome, but I typically stay away from MMORPG’s. My life if busy enough already, kthx. Still, I’m all about the Old Republic era of the Expanded Universe, and I’m especially all about Mandalorians (much more so before Uncle Tubby and The Clone Wars retconned away much of my love and interest for the Star Wars EU, but that’s a rant for a different soap box…). I haven’t been collecting much in the way of Star Wars the last couple years, but some of these most recent Vintage Collection figures are too good to pass up.

Shae’s packaging is the standard for the Vintage Collection line look. Only, as with all the other Expanded Universe and Prequel-Trilogy figures, there is no actual vintage version of this figure and cardback to reproduce. So there’s literally no nostalgia factor in this figure for me. The front of the card looks pretty good. I could do without the Expanded Universe logo, but the actual character art is pretty nice. The back of the card looks like a hot mess, though.

I do have a few gripes with the figure itself…

The sculpt, overall, is pretty great. Lots of detail in the armor and the accessories. Can’t complain there. But what the hell is up with that face? In all the artwork of Shae Vizla that I’ve seen, she’s generally depicted as a mean looking, but attractive woman. This head sculpt looks like… how would my father have put it… “she has a face like a can of smashed @$#holes”. The head and hair aren’t separately sculpted pieces, either. One solid lump of plastic. Seriously, Hasbro. Not your best work. Maybe we can come up something a little better.

Ah, there we go.

Or I guess her alternate helmeted head works just as well. Actually this head sculpt is pretty great. I love the various helmet designs of the Old Republic Mandalorians.

Deco is pretty solid. There’s lots of little paint detail on the armor and weapons, and a few great metallic shades used throughout. And it’s pretty well applied. No major mistakes or smudging.  Or lazy eyes.

Articulation on this figure has me scratching my head. It’s not horrible… but this figure really could’ve benefited from the ball-jointed hips that Hasbro typically employs in their other lines, and only occasionally uses in Star Wars. Also, some rocker ankles would’ve been sweet. Maybe I’ve just been spoiled by G.I. Joe and Marvel Universe lately. Still though, ball jointed neck and torso, ball-hinged shoulders, elbows, knees and ankles, and swivel wrists and hips isn’t bad. The armor does limit range of motion in the shoulders, though.

I can’t complain about the accessories. Actually, I’m pretty pleased in this category. Other than the alternate head, we’ve got a jet pack, two blasters, and two flame effects that plug into her gauntlets. And unlike the last time this sort of flame-thrower was used (McQuarrie Boba Fett, I’m looking at you), these flame blasts are sturdy and don’t want to droop toward the ground. Because gravity shouldn’t have any effect on fire. Thank you, physics.

Mandalorians of the Old Republic

Overall, this isn’t a bad figure. I enjoy more than I dislike about it. If you’re an Expanded Universe fan, a TOR fan, and/or a Mandalorian fan, chances are you’ll want this gal in your collection. This wave is only just barely starting to show up at retail, and is available at BBTS.

Yes, I am posting this photo just to be a jerk.  I'm sorry.

I'm not sorry for this one.