Wednesday, June 6, 2012

2012 SDCC Exclusive Marvel Legends X-Force 3 pack

It is rare that I yell "HELL YES" in a room with no one around (outside of football season), but this was one of those moments.  Not only are we getting a fantastic 6 inch exclusive (Seriously Mattel, you failed in this regards) but we get a great look at what appear to be repaints of upcoming figures...  Archangel is absolutely going to kick some ass in his regular release...  Click through to see the pics.

See's original post here:  SDCC Marvel Legends LOVE! 

A couple of months ago I was saying I would love to see an X-Force Deadpool/Archangel 2 pack for SDCC and now we have this and an X-Force Deadpool in the pipeline!  Happy day!