Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Red Azrael Batman (DC Universe Classics)

Jean-Paul Valley.  Azrael.  Azbats.

His genesis was in part for the purpose of becoming Batman in the Knightfall era of the Batman comics in the early 90s.  After Bane broke Batman's back, Azbats took over for a period of time, eventually needing Bruce Wayne to return and take him down as he went a bit overboard.  The story arc started in spring 1993 and was finally completely concluded in the Troika story arc in 1995.

Azrael's costumed varied throughout the arc and was completely different after he was no longer Batman (This might be my favorite version) and he was seen roaming the Blackest Night as a Black Lantern.  

The Blue version of Azbats was released in Wave 16, and with this yet to be released 2 pack from Toys R Us (hopefully it will hit the shelves), he should see a wide release.  Unfortunately he comes packed with yet another Batman, battle damaged but honestly who cares...  

I'm glad I was able to grab him from eBay without paying for another Bats.  The sculpt is fantastic.  He really is a top notch figure.  The articulation is fantastic: double jointed knees, hinged and swivel wrists.  The Horsemen managed to capture the design and brought it us in a fantastic way.  Sharp red and gold paint bring the sculpt to life.  I highly recommend adding this figure to your DC collection.  



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By JasonX

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