Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Power Puff Avengers

When Cartoon Network was still in it's infancy, well... a few years in... it hit the air waves in '92 and I'm aiming at '98... we got hit with a lot of interesting cartoons. All sorts of new weirdness came aimed at an audience that was both too old or too young. We got a mix of kiddie toons during the day (2 Stupid Dogs) and more adult toons in the evening (Space Ghost Coast to Coast) with a mixture of in between filling the afternoon spots.One of those "in-between" cartoons was the Power Puff Girls.

I seriously enjoyed watching Power Puff Girls. It was bright an vibrant. It was funny. It was weird. And it was smart. Craig McCracken gave us a fun show about 3 young little superheroes learning the the ropes of life while throwing the smack-down on a menagerie of oddball villains. What really made it eye-catching was McCrackens uber simplistic style.

For whatever reason... McCracken's style popped into my head while I was doodling out an Avenger's team pic. So...

This... this...

... equals this.

I've been asked by my fellow OnePerCasers... well mostly Jason... to keep producing more Power Puff Avengers. Perhaps a regular strip. But I'm afraid I'm no writer... and then there's the whole copyright thing.

Art and weird mash-up ideas by Scion of Primus