Friday, June 15, 2012

Partially confirmed Marvel Legends Wave 3 line up!

Dani Moonstar...  I honestly do not know how I feel about this figure.  I hope she comes with some gear.

Previews magazine is soliciting wave 3 (without the variants) as Mystique (Moonstar Variant), Deadpool, Dr. Doom, Iron Man Neo Classic, the Punisher (Blade Variant), and U.S. Agent.  With the variants acting like wave 2, could this mean we have a variant of the BAF?  While I like the idea, purchasing all those extra figs is quite tedious.  The BAF better be worth it!  We have a bigger pic of Dani after the jump! posted up this picture of Dani Moonstar:



  1. Looking at this line up, I think there's still one figure that hasn't been announced, in addition to the BAF. Also, as for variants, we know about Blade and Dani, but considering the number of paint-only variants in the prior waves as well, I think we could see paint variants of Deadpool (hopefully in classic red/black) and Dr. Doom (likely in FF white).

  2. Deadpool may very well be a repaint of the Deadpool/Valkire two-pack as it is, but a normal variant WOULD be nice.