Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Marvel Universe - New "X-Men Collector Pack" Found

Pictures started circling the internet today of a new Marvel Universe X-Factor boxed set found in a Hong Kong Toys R Us.  Details after the jump.

This set hadn't been shown or announced prior to showing up in HK today, but chances are pretty high it will see US release as well (safe money is on this showing up at SDCC, and probably on Toys R Us shelves here in the states soon after).

The set, and obvious sequel to last year's Giant Sized X-Men set, contains repaints of Mr. Sinister, Apocalypse, Jean Grey, Cyclops, Ice Man and the hotly anticipated upcoming Angel figure, the latter four in their X-Factor colors.  Which makes it interesting that this set is labeled as an "X-Men Collector Pack".   I'd prefer to also see X-Factor Beast in this set, but maybe we'll see him in a future release.