Friday, June 1, 2012


This doodle was for Jason. I routinely ask for idea's to get thrown down on paper and this was what Jason had asked for on that day.

Jason is a HUGE fan of Adventure Time. He started watching it with his son and was determined to dislike it. That didn't work out. He loves it. He's constantly telling me to watch it. For me, the show is fairly hit or miss. There are things that make me laugh, others that get no reaction, and yet some that make me shiver in dislike.

Young Justice on the other hand... is a show that just plain rocks. Every episode has delivered in every category; animation, story, character development, action... ALL solid. This is a show that I look forward to watching.

So... today's drawing is a mash-up of ideas... I present the doodle of JUSTICE TIME! Robin.

It's Justice Time...
c'mon grab your team...
we'll go fight the...
dude's who're mean.
With the JLA
and the Titan Teens,
the fights will never end,
it's Justice Time!

... and for whatever reason... Blogger won't insert the drawing vertically. Go figure. But, It at least makes it look like he's dropping down.

Doodles by Scion of Primus.