Sunday, June 3, 2012

"Dollar Store" Cobra Commander

"Dollar Store" Cobra commander.  It's been some time since we had a classic looking Cobra Commander released.  Retaliation gives us a decent updated version but it's articulation is lacking compared to the Dollar version.  Find them if you can, they are nice for the retail price.  A few accessories and some updated articulated hands and this is a fine figure for the shelf.  I would have liked a giant red Cobra symbol on his chest, but all-in-all it is a good figure.  I won't delve too deeply into this simple yet well done figure.  I do like for the pics to do the talking.

The packaging is simple yet perfect...

You get two accessories... not great but passable...  but he does have a figure stand!  Like all the other Dollar Joes.

Articulation and paint work.  I like him.

He does have a scabbard and holster!  Fantastic!

And remember, Evil gets the girl!  COBRA!!!!

Short review and pics by JasonX