Wednesday, June 6, 2012

"Dollar" Shipwreck

Dollar store Shipwreck.  So close to the Devil's Due version of the character that I am all in!  I will be following a few others and "fixing" this figure when I find the time.  To get an idea what I am talking about, you can view the few pics in this Hisstank thread: Dollar Store fixes  I will do the webgear a little different, but the neck is perfect.  He also needs leg holsters!

I may have read the Devil's Due comics quite a long time ago... (I need to go re-read them after looking through pic references for Shippy and Cover Girl) but I remember having a positive feeling towards them.  Especially a few characters.  I found a new respect for Shipwreck, and it wasn't just for his extra-curricular activities with Cover Girl.  Although that was a part of it.  The Wolf in sheep's Clothing story arc particularly stands out as one of my favorite Joe stories.  Now, I NEED to re-read them...

Well, Shipwreck is straight forward.  Good figure but will be great with those few tweeks.  Crap for gear.  Dumb gun, backpack and diver mask.  All that gear is going into the custom fodder bin.

His hands have the newer articulation.  Can't beat that!  Here are some pics for your pleasure.  I feel he is a work in progress...

Apparently, the good guy can get the girl!