Sunday, June 17, 2012

"Dollar" GI Joe Storm Shadow

As far as the "Dollar" store G.I. Joes go, Storm Shadow rules them.  I must admit that I don't have any nostalgia brooding for Ninja Force figures.  However, if they all end up this kick-ass, then I will be all over them!  I won't bore you with details and get straight to the point.  Great articulation.  The paint throws you back to Ninja Force Storm Shadow (Link to the 1992 version) not perfect but good enough.  Gear is lacking but forgivable (same amount of weapons as the Retaliation Red Ninja.. seriously).  Card is simple and effective.  I recommend scrounging this figure up wherever you can.  He is worth it!  More pics after the jump!

The girls love the mask, right Widow?



  1. Good review! That Black Widow is turning up everywhere!

    And do I see a Hawkeye bow there?

  2. Not sure if Hawkeye comes with it. It has been used with the Joe line. Shadow Tracker comes with the same one.

  3. It's a diffent bow than Hawkeye's. Luckily for Storm Shadow he can pose like he's using the bow. Unlike poor Clint Barton.

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  5. Definitely a mmust have!

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