Thursday, June 7, 2012

"Dollar" G.I. Joe Duke

Out of all of the "Dollar" G.I. Joes, Duke is the most simple.  Standard green shirt look.  Couple of guns.  No fancy wrist articulation.  But yet, he works and he works well.

The discount store G.I. Joe figures were a surprise and delight to those lucky rough to find them and to those willing to go to eBay.  He has a great head sculpt and my one big complaint is that he has too many holsters for his guns... that sounds so backwards.  He is the epitome of the "green shirt" even though this troop type is showed up by the awesomeness that is the Retaliation Joe Trooper.  Duke is a great simple repaint/kitbash.  Thank you Hasbro!  Enjoy the pics.

And knowing is half the battle!

By Jason