Friday, June 22, 2012

"Dollar" Cobra Trooper

The "Dollar" Cobra Trooper.  He sports a slick black and silver paint scheme and has a great body to use it on.  The best articulation you can find on a figure with great paint and execution.  He lacks in gear, but I am sure those of us that tracked this guy down have bins of extra weapons.  Extra knives and guns will fill his sheaths and holsters.  The only thing negative about him is his lack of availability...  I would love to army build this dude.  Night Troopers...

 "It's good to be the bad guy!"


  1. Man that Black Widow gets around...

    1. Haha! So this is what Loki was talking about!

  2. I'm really hoping all these Joe figures become widely available especially this one. It might as well be called 'Cool Looking Bad Guy Army Builder'. I think Black Widow is going to be adding some more red to her ledger. This guy may look like a bad ass but
    he has no chance against her!

  3. I agree, some great things. I will hopefully have more to report from Joecon next week! Maybe we can get some answers!

  4. Of all the dollar Joes, this is the only one that actually holds my interest. A troop, all in black. Hard to go wrong, I suppose.

  5. Natasha is conducting an interrogation and this moron is giving her everything. Unfortunately she is unable to pass along the intell to the G.I. Joe team because they are away doing reshoots for their next movie. So she gives the information to another group of do gooders she knows....

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