Monday, June 25, 2012

$10 Best Buy Coupon if You Spend $50 Online

Here's how you can screw Best Buy out of $10.  And it's legal.  Read after the jump to learn more.
If you're like me and you find yourself at Best Buy a little often these days, you might notice some changes in their movie department: more steelbooks (like the recent Safe House, Underworld, and Sherlock Holmes), and lower prices on many 'library releases' (those which were released prior on DVD and have been converted to Blu-ray).  The studios have ported over many if not all of the special features, and the transfers look great.  But converting these have been too expensive ($12-$25 per title).  However, Best Buy is changing that by offering an even better deal that makes updating your library a necessity.

Spend $50 or more on movies, music, or video game software between June 17th - August 31st, choose in-store pickup, and get a $10 savings code.    The code will be emailed to you up to 5 days after you pick up your order.  You can redeem the coupon in store or online.  The total must be $50 before taxes are added.  If you are at $49.99,  the coupon will not be sent. 

So, how can you make the most of this terrific deal?  I ordered each of the following items from, but chose pickup instead of free shipping.  Notice the items I picked up and their price points, several of which appeared in this week's ad:
- Spider-man I ($9.99)
- Spider-man II ($9.99)
- Adjustment Bureau ($9.99)
- Big Lebowski ($9.99)
- Bank Job ($10.99)
Total Before Taxes: $50.95

In addition, the Spider-man releases (which were on sale this week) offer $10 towards tickets towards The Ultimate Spider-man which releases on July 3rd.  Therefore, these titles were essentially free, as I was planning on seeing the movie anyways!  My purchases are usually ready same-day, with the only exception being New Release Tuesdays.  Therefore, my Wrath of the Titans steelbook, on sale for $26.99, will suddenly become $16.99!

If you do the math with all the discounts, you are essentially paying $4.19 per title.  Of course, there are a few minor restrictions:
  • June pickups must use their coupons by July 31st.
  • July pickups: 8/31
  • August pickups: 9/30
  • No online game card purchases, pre-owned games, game accessories, or iTunes cards.
  • Items must in stock at your local store.
I've already received one coupon, and will be trying for more, making the most use of each week's sales along with library purchases ($7.99 each) to upgrade my collection.

Visit Best Buy's site using this link to see all $7.99 - $9.99 releases.