Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ultimate Captain America

Sorry for the lack of cheesy title, but anything I came up with was just too ridiculous "Me and the Captain, Making It Happen" or "You're Gonna Bust a Cap". Anyway, our final Ultimate is none other than Captain America, the good ole defender of the Red, White, and Blue.

Steve Rogers was a scrawny kid from Brooklyn that even Joe could beat up. He was often picked on, but luckily his good friend "Bucky" Barnes was around to protect him. During World War II, Rogers was disgusted by news reels of the Nazis in Euro and decided to enlist in the U. S. Army. Due to not being able to pass the physical test he was rejected, but still tried to enlist a few more times.

Eventually Rogers got lucky when Sergeant Dugan selected him for Project: Rebirth. Undergoing several steroid treatments, surgery and other experiments, Rogers became the first super soldier. During the final treatment, a Nazi saboteur revealed himself and attempted to murder Rogers. The saboteur was stopped, but killed a few soldiers and the doctor in charge of the experiment in the process. Committing himself to the American war efforts, Rogers dubbed himself "Captain America".

During the rest of World War II, Captain America was part of many operations, often alongside Bucky and Jim Howlett (later known as Wolverine). His final mission saw him trying to stop an A-bomb that was being launched at the White House. The bomb was made with Chitauri technology by a Chitauri named Herr Kleiser. The mission failed to stop the launching of the bomb, but Captain America got onto the bomb and stopped it in midair over the Artic.

Captain America was presumed dead at this point, but over 50 years later, he was found cryogenically  frozen. He was thawed out and awoken. Coming to terms with the reality of his situation (almost all of his friends are dead, Bucky married his fiancee Gail), Captain America joined the Ultimates as their leader.

As far as differences with the mainstream counter part, there really aren't any. Aside from some name changes, the only difference is that Baron Zemo is the reason for the bomb not the Chitauri as well as Rogers wakes up in the 60s instead of 2000s.

Captain America's super powers and abilities are like you'd expect of a super soldier. He's strong, fast, durable. The process also increased his mental capacity and processing speed, he has heightened senses, light regeneration and resistance to disease and alcohol. Cap is also trained in martial arts, is a master acrobat and marksman.

That wraps up our biographies of the Ultimates that will be in The Avengers. Enjoy the film as I'm sure it'll blow us all away and make us glad to be nerds.