Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Review: Star Wars Vintage Collection VC57 – Dr. Evazan (Cantina Patron)

Who doesn’t love a good Cantina creature? Dr. Evazan isn’t quite a creature, but with his bad attitude and that big mess on the side of his face, he’s at least halfway there. He drinks his lunch, he has a death sentence on 12 systems and he doesn’t like you either. At long last, Dr. Evazan is finally out in 3 ¾” form.

As the Star Wars Vintage Collection rolls on, we somehow manage to still get a few figures that are brand new (or long overdue for an update, Governor Tarkin) and fairly significant. Let’s face it, Cornelius Evazan isn’t quite a household name, but he’s definitely memorable.

The card gives you the standard Vintage Collection package. Classic graphic, good character image choice, small blister, all around win. Personally, I like to see the whole character image, so I’m pretty quick to pluck off the contest-du-jour sticker. Thankfully Hasbro was kind enough to make the promo sticker fairly easy to peel off. I will be sad to see the Vintage Collection come to an end (although my wallet will be happy).

Dr. Evazan has an all-around great sculpt. The scarred side of his face isn’t a super-clean sculpt, but have you seen the movie? The make-up job wasn’t exactly smooth. The clothing looks great. A nice worn looking vest with a dirty tunic underneath and a hint of the hair popping out of his chest – very 70s. Boots and pants, belt and buckle, pistol and holster, all sculpted and painted wonderfully.

What good is an action figure review without talking about the articulation? Well, if you know the Star Wars Vintage Collection, you know what to expect. Dr. Evazan delivers some great articulation that allows him a fairly wide range of motion and some great poses. He can relax, have a drink and get surly at the bar, or he can bust out his pistol and try to make some threats. What else does he need to do? His accessory is limited to a pistol. Only one, but it looks good (and fairly unique), fits well in the holster and fits well in his hand. That’s really about the most you can ask out of a 3 ¾” scale pistol, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, the Star Wars Vintage Collection continues to be elusive in many parts of the country. With so many great figures (like Evazan) it’s a shame that the line continues to suffer from poor distribution and some puzzling case assortments. As such, if you have the money, pick this guy up as soon as you see him. You never know if you’ll see another, and your Mos Eisley Cantina just won’t be complete without him.