Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Review: Luke Skywalker (Hoth Outfit) : TVC 95

To those that know me, it might seem strange that I have been reviewing Star Wars figures yet alone buying them.  I do love Star Wars, really I do.  It will always have that soft spot living in my heart for Jedi and HOTH!  I love Hoth stuff.  Always have.  So Luke here is a perfect addition to my slowly growing Hoth stuff.  I don't have anywhere to show it off, but I do have a couple of AT-AT's that I would love to display some day.  And Luke, dear Luke.  You ride a Taun Taun so well...

When I first opened Luke and began to mess with him.  I felt slightly disappointed.  His goggles/facemask combo wasn't sitting right.  The collar around his neck keeps drifting up in the front.  (It definitely needs some glue!)  So I mucked around with him a bit while taking pictures and was riding the middle ground with him, until... until I broke out the Taun Taun!  Yah, he rides that beast real good!  Seriously though.  He does...

Like most of the vintage collection, the execution for sculpt to card is pretty darn good, so I won't beat a dead Taun Taun with all those details.  I will let the pics do the talking.  But before I move to the pics, I have to note that he has articulation in his crotch/hips.  And that really makes a figure better.  Without it, he wouldn't be able to ride that Taun Taun to death...  meanie old Wampa!

 Words and pics by Jason X

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