Thursday, May 24, 2012

Review: GI Joe: Retaliation Zartan

I disliked the Red Ninja, but mainly for lack of gear.  Zartan has gear: two swords, two backpacks, four heads, a crossbow, and a gun, but this figure blows.

I think Zartan had a ton of potential.  In fact, with a little work, paint, and a belt of some kind, I think he could be great.  The heads are the gimmick.  Leaps and bounds better than those spring loaded bits of Caca included with most movie toys.  But they are honestly craptastic disguises.  Granted the 80s Zartan's wasn't much better, but who would possibly believe Snake Eyes with Zartan's body.  I actually don't mind his look with his crossbow and quiver pack.  Only out of the package look I can get into.

The sculpt isn't terrible.  The paint isn't half bad.  The execution and color choices kill this figure for me.  BLUE WEAPONS!?!?!  C'mon now...  keep it black.  I had to make some alterations to enjoy the look of Zartan.  First I wondered how he would look with Resolute Zartan's melon.  I honestly thought it was an improvement, but only because of the face markings.

So, out came the sharpie.  I like him much better.  Not spectacular, but now he is Zartan!

One Per Case Review by JasonX


  1. Since the new GI Joe movie has been delayed, does that mean all the figures will be too?

    1. Found the ninja 3 packs at Arden. Bought both sets and our buddy who sets up Toy Fusion shows in the morning called me a f'ng scalper. Lovely fellow.

  2. No, apparently Hasbro sent out a memo last night to retailers telling them the figures can go on sale now. BBTS listed them as "movie moved to 2013, toys moved to NOW" and put all the first wave stuff in stock.