Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Review: Avengers Hulk 6 inch scale figure - Walmart Exclusive

Hulk SMASH!  This 6 inch scaled Avengers movie figure might just be the best Avengers Movie product out there.

I love the sculpt.  I love the articulation (except the lack of a waist swivel).  I mostly love the paint (I'd like the green to be a little less drab).  I love this Hulk.

Although he seems a little bit short to be in scale with Marvel Legends and movie Avengers 6 inch figures, he sure is imposing and loads of fun to play with.  The 4 inch scale really needs this kind of love.  I don't think retailers would be able to keep them in stock if they lost the shooty weapon and added some love.  Both Mattel and Hasbro seem to think kids buy the majority of toys...  weak minded fools...

Hulk will be a sell out.  Don't pass on him if you see him, for he won't be there when you return.  Most Wal-Marts seem to be getting only 1 case of these.  When I say most, I mean most of the stores that are even carrying them.  Wal-mart has a tendency of not shipping exclusives to all of their stores.

Hulk and Hawkeye will be the first gone, followed by Loki and Thor (all One Per Case!).  Capt and Iron Man will end up pegwarming as the stock rolls in (Both Two Per Case).  I have heard rumors that these actually have a street date of May 28th, but I can neither confirm nor deny it.  (I haven't seen the box myself).  Hulk is currently being sold on eBay between $50 and $65 a piece... this should drop as stores stock their shelves.  Hopefully he will be available for everyone to find.