Sunday, May 20, 2012

Review: Avengers Hawkeye 6 inch figure - Walmart Exclusive

Most of the time movie action figures come up a bit inferior as compared to their comic counterparts.  The big toy companies don't seem to put the same amount of love into them as they do their main lines.  They usually rely on the kids to want and beg their parents for them and for the spring loaded awesome shooty missile weapons that come packed with them.  This is a big turn off to me.  I'll leave that crap for someone else to scoop up.  The inferior sculpts, sub-par articulation, and the crappy paint applications leave the collector wanting a bit more before they will free the imprisoned from the little plastic bubble they live in.  However, 6 inch Hawkeye is not the norm when it comes to movie toys.  He is a must buy.

First off, the likeness to Jeremy Renner is pretty darn good.  He looks seriously badass.  No one should think about messing with him.

The overall sculpt is great.  The detail to the upper body and legs reminds me of some of the more recent GI Joe figures.  In fact, this figure brings out my desire for 6 inch Joes.  Snake Eyes and crew would be masterful if produced like this Hawkeye.  His webgear (although frustrating to keep it clipped together) adds a lot to his look.  His quiver/backpack is kind of plain and is his bow, but they serve their purpose.  A+ on design and execution.  Of course when a figure comes across looking good and is fun to play with, I'm easy.

Articulation is well thought out.  Well, all but the lack of a waist swivel.  Wish he had one.  The rest is great: rocker ankles, double-jointed elbows and knees, and added wrist articulation all shame DC Universe classics.  Not they are very prominent right now.  Sitting in the shadows and re-assessing the quality of their product (not the sculpts mind you, the Horsemen are great) and trying to plan a competitive line to stand with Marvel Legends.  I am doubtful any Dark Knight Rises figure will be as good as Hawkeye.  Very, very doubtful.

The cons.  The biggest issues I have with Hawkeye are his webgear (pain in the butt to keep it clipped) and the really rubbery plastic that the legs are molded in.  The gear could be a little more thought out and executed, but none of these issues are deal breakers.  They are just minor annoyances.

Good luck searching out this great figure.    It stands out among the heavy hitters in the Avengers 6 inch movie line exclusive to Wal-Mart.  It honestly makes plastic Capt, Iron Man, and Thor look lame.  Now Hulk... Hulk we will have to talk about next time.

And of course, Hawkeye is One Per Case.

OnePerCase Review by JasonX