Friday, May 4, 2012

One Per Case Report: The Avengers IMAX Midnight Screening (Plus a Give-Away)

The One Per Crew attended the midnight showing of The Avengers on IMAX in Eldorado Hills, CA last night. And we brought stuff back for those of you that missed the party!

If you want to read a professional, well thought-out and detailed review of "The Avengers", read Matt's review here.  If you just want the short version, please, allow me to summarize for you:  "OMG, like, totally the best comic book movie ever!"  True story.

Jason, Joe, Matt, myself, and about ten more of our good friends were too impatient to wait one more day to see the movie we'd all been waiting our entire lives to see.  So, shunning the responsibilities of our day jobs, we did what any die hard fanboy would do:  We went to the midnight showing.  And not just any midnight showing, our local IMAX midnight showing.  Awwwwwwww yeeeeeaaaaaaaaah.

We got to the theater nice and early, grabbed a table in my favorite nearby restaurant/brewery right across the sidewalk from the theater, and had our pre-game celebration.

Artist Ron Lim doing sketches for charity

Once the crowds started to show up, we headed inside to grab our place in line.  Inside the theater, we found that local comic book store A-1 comics was on site along with Marvel Comics artist Ron Lim and the awesome Avengers Initiative Costuming Group.  Mr. Lim was taking requests for character head sketches to raise money for charity.

The Avengers Initiative Costuming Group, holding an OPC business card.

About two hours before midnight, the theater crew let us in to claim our seats.  Or in our case, our row of seats.  And, as promised, we were each given an Avengers IMAX Exclusive 12:01 poster.

So the movie.  Like I said.  OMG.  I've been looking forward to this movie for a LONG time, and I was not disappointed.  Joss Whedon has thoroughly satisfied my hopes for this movie.  The comedy was perfectly timed and unexpected, the action was amazing and perfectly executed, and the acting and interaction between all of the characters was nothing short of perfect.  There was one long panning shot in the middle of the last act's battle scene, where without cutting, the camera takes you through the battle and focuses on each character.  That shot gave me chills.  If I have ANY complaint about this movie, and it's extremely minor, it's that the classic phrase "Avengers Assemble" was never actually said in the film.  But this is, without a doubt, the best comic book movie of all time up to this point.  I would even go so far as to say, this is one of the best movies I've ever seen period.  The bar has been raised, very high.  Thank you, and congratulation on your outstanding accomplishment, Mr. Whedon.  I can't wait to see it a few more times before it leaves theaters.

So, who wants free stuff?  Thanks to a few of my friends who were willing to part with their IMAX exclusive 12:01 posters, I've got a couple to give away.  All you have to do is leave a comment on this post.  What'd you think of the movie?  What was your favorite part?  What would you hope to see in the next one?  What's your favorite beer?  Post about whatever you want.  As long as it's vaguely related to The Avengers.  I'll pick two comments at random on Monday night to win posters.  Just make sure you leave at least your first name and don't forget to check back after Monday night to see if you've won.

Avengers Assemble!


  1. Ryan
    Hi, I really enjoyed the Avengers. Since I saw the after credits scene in Iron Man, I have been very pumped. I have saved neary 800 pictures from the movie to my computer, just to help my anticipation. I saw the movie yesterday and it was everything I ever dreamed it would be. I plan to go again today. It was an amazing movie, I now count down to Avengers 2.

  2. Stunning film - I've never been the biggest "Avengers" fan in comics, but I love what Marvel Studios have done with the individual films to this point (Yes, I even enjoyed "Iron Man 2"), so I was thrilled by what Joss Whedon managed to do with this glorious blockbuster. It's funny, full of action and has actual characters amidst the chaos - what more do you want from a film?

    This comment from Pat in the UK

  3. Cool stuff happens in your country, here in Italy there's no people willing to have some off-comicon cosplay fun at midnight show or cool free posters, what a bummer.
    The movie was truly epic, I had a lot of fun.
    I can't share my fav scene because it's hylarious and unexpected, if someone reads my comment before going to see the movie would enjoy it a bit less knowing that is coming.
    The emotion of "finally seing it happen" don't leave you for a second, they finally assemble to kick some alien ass (those chitauri are visually crazy, I swear)and it's totally awesome.
    The final scene totally got me, it was so cool and enexpected that I could just go all "Whoa! Ai I dreaming?"
    Great, great movie!

  4. Ryan and Pat, congrats, you win the posters. Will, I've got a consolation prize for you as well. Please email your full names and mailing addresses to, and I will mail your stuff out within the week.

    And for the record, my method for picking the two winners at random was me asking my girlfriend to pick two numbers between one and three. She picked one and two, which were Ryan and Pat's comments. Thanks for reading, gents.

  5. I'm on it!
    Thanks so much for the consolation prize, I really appreciate it...and about the picking method: I do the exact same thing everytime I come up with a sketch give-away contest! ;)

  6. Ryan
    Thanks! I will e-mail soon. Thank you so much for the poster. I couldn't go to the Imax midnoight showing.

  7. Ryan
    Hey, I haven;t got my poster yet. Did you guys send it? I am confused. Its been a long time. Did you send it?

  8. Hey Ryan, I sent your poster about a month ago, you definitely should've received it by now. And it should've only taken a few days to get there. Sorry bud, not sure what happened. Shoot me an email again so I can make sure I have your correct address. I'll send you my poster.