Thursday, May 10, 2012

NECA Predators Series 5 - Snake Predator

Snake.  Shadow.  Rogue.  This guy has a few names, and we look at him next in NECA's fifth series of the Predators line.

Disclaimer:  The Snake Predator seems to be named as such for the patterns on his skin.  He's not an actual snake.

Packaging is identical to the rest of the Lost Tribe, but with Snake's image added to the card back.

The figure uses the same buck as the rest of the tribe, but as usual, NECA has added unique armor, belts, clothing, and a new head to give the figure it's own identity and personality.  They succeed here as well.  Snake has much shorter dreads than the rest of the tribe.  He wears fur and lacks a some of the armor of his fellow tribesmen.  Despite 90% of the figure being identical to the rest of the line, he doesn't feel like another photo copy.

Accessory-wise, he includes a collapsed combi-stick and the typical smart disc with leg holster.  No wrist blades or plasma caster on this guy.  He has a more barbarian feel than the others.  I almost think of him as a Viking Predator.

The paint on this guy is again awesome.  Lots of detail in the skin tones, crisp lines, no smudging or over-spray.  The fur pieces are nicely dry-brushed.  The armor has a great weathered metallic effect.  Other companies could learn a thing or two from NECA's production quality.

Articulation is exactly the same as the rest of the recent hunters:  Ball joints at the neck, wrists, and ankles, double hinged knees, swivel waist, and ball hinges at the shoulders, elbows and hips.

Snake was the short packed figure in this case assortment, and is not available individually from BBTS.  But he is available as part of the set of three for this wave.

NECA has continued to hit it out of the park with this line.  If only series 6 were here already.  Tomorrow we'll look at the final figure from series 5, the Stalker.