Wednesday, May 9, 2012

NECA Predators Series 5 - Guardian Predator

NECA has unleashed their latest wave of badass alien hunters upon an unsuspecting population.  We're three steps closer to completing the Lost Tribe.  First up from this wave, the Guardian.

I was so stoked to get this wave in from BBTS last week.  I can't wait to have a completed Lost Tribe on my shelf, and with the release of series 5, we just have one more wave to go.

The Guardian Predator, also known as Gort, was one of the blink-and-you'll-miss'em Predators from the very end of Predator 2.  That scene is still one of my favorite from all of the Predator films.  The design of his mask was actually an early design for the original Predator, which was later scapped in favor of the smoother look we got in that film.  Luckily the design was revived and used as one of the background Predators in the final scene of the sequel.

The packaging for this figure is pretty standard for the line, using the same card back as the rest of the Predator 2 figures.  While it does include some character-specific art on the card, it does not include a character-specific bio, and instead includes a generic description of the Lost Tribe, just as with all the Series 4 figures.

The figure itself uses a retooled version of the Gort mask used on last year's SDCC exclusive, which was based on the first Predator's body.  It's just been modified to fit this new head sculpt.

Because it uses the same base body as the rest of the Lost Tribe, articulation is the same.  Which is to say, awesome and still some of NECA's best yet.  The ball hinged hips, double jointed knees, ball ankles and wrists, neck, swivel waist, and ball hinged elbows and shoulders allow for some great poses.

The paint on this figure is awesome.  The skin tones are crisp and stand out against the weathered metallic armor plating.

This series seems to be a little heavier on the accessories than the last, which is a welcome change.  Guardian includes a shoulder mounted plasma caster, retractable wrist blades, an extended combi-stick, and his smart-disc with leg holster.  Armed to the teeth!

Overall, this figure is another outstanding offering by NECA.  The Guardian Predator is available individually from BBTS, or bundled with the rest of Series 5.  This series should also be hitting Toys R Us any moment now, but as with the rest of this line, don't expect them to stick around for long.