Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Marvel Universe Avengers Light-Up Base Wave 2 - Black Panther

Of all the figure choices in the Toys R Us light-up base series, this one is the most out of left field, since it's basically the only character from this entire exclusive series not appearing in the Avengers movie.  But it’s a welcome choice.  Finally, a respectable Black Panther in the Marvel Universe line.

Face it, the 2009 Series 1 Black Panther wasn't the greatest.  Neither was the Target exclusive 2-pack version.  That one actually sucked, thanks to that god-awful Daredevil buck.  So I was glad to see an improved version make it out in this series.

Panther’s packaging looks just as great as the rest of the series.  Nice artwork displayed on the front and side, and the figure looks just as awesome in-package as out.

The figure itself is a noticeable step up from the previous versions.  It uses the Captain Marvel buck, which is pretty well articulated and looks good.  Much more proportionate than the previous bucks used.  And I dig the open “claw” hand.  While I have no complaints about this choice of buck, I do think it would've been slightly awesomer if the new Daredevil buck were used here.  

Hasbro could’ve left the figure solid black with just white eyes and I would’ve been happy, but they elected to give him a little more detail in the paint with a slight metallic spray on his upper body and legs.  The photos actually make it stand out more than it does in person.  At first I wasn’t a fan of this detail, but now I don’t really care.  I could take it or leave it.  It does look kinda cool.

Again, no accessories are included other than the light-up base.  Not a big deal, but a staff or something would’ve made me feel a little more like I was getting my money’s worth. 

The light-up base itself is obviously a big part of the draw for this series, and it looks great, but just as with Cap and Widow, the figure itself is a big part of the draw here as well.  Unlike the first wave of these sets, which were largely throw-away figures, all of the figures in this wave are interesting and well-done enough to at least make you feel like you’re buying more than just a light-up base with some rehashed crap included.  As a whole, I think this wave blows the first out of the water, and this Black Panther is one of my favorites from the series.  Definitely worth picking up.

Black Panther is currently available in some Toys R Us locations, and on the Toys R Us website.