Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Marvel Universe Avengers Light-Up Base Wave 2 - Captain America (Rogers)

We got the Bucky Cap figure in the first wave of light-up bases, so it only makes sense that we also get the classic Steve Rogers Captain America.  And finally, Hasbro get’s the classic MU Cap right!

We got two Iron Men in this Toys R Us exclusive series, so why not two Caps?  Unlike the hideous Bucky Cap version, this Cap is actually worth picking up.

The packaing on this series still kicks ass.  Love the artwork, love the design, and the figure looks great displayed through the window.  It’s a win all around.

We’ve gotten basically this Cap several times now.  The two different SDCC versions from 2009, the Secret Wars comic pack version, the other comic pack version… but they all had the wrong belt.  The utility belt with lots of pouches was cool, but we needed a classic cap with the simple buckled belt.  The 2010 WW2 Cap gave us this belt, but that figure had the old-timey half-mask head.  The Walmart exclusive Marvel Universe gift set from last holiday season finally gave us a classic Cap with correct belt, but that set was hard to find for many, and the paint scheme was a little cartoony.

This is the first widely available release of this figure with the correct belt and a good realistic paint job.  The paint is darker than most Caps in the MU line, more reminiscent of the Cap movie line.  And it has a very slight metallic sheen to it.  And, at least on my sample, it was a pretty clean application.  No smudging like we often see in this line.

The only figure in this wave to include an accessory, this figure comes with his trusty shield, and as with the other good MU Cap releases, this version includes the C-clip/peg AND the elastic straps.  So he can actually wear it on his back. 

Cap looks great on the light up base.  This is definitely the figure to display front and center on the combined-base platform.

With "Heavy Artillery" Cap

L to R: SDCC '09, WW2, Comic Pack, WM Giftset, Light Up Base

This wave is only just starting to show up in various TRU's around the country.  Cap’n Rogers is available now in some Toys R Us stores and on toysrus.com