Thursday, May 31, 2012

GI Joe Retaliation: G.I. Joe Trooper

GI Joe Retaliation...

In the Joe Fanverse, there are two current sore thumbs.  GI Joe Retaliation and the GI Joe Club.  I have never seen so much fan rage about GI Joe as I have in the past week.  First, the GI Joe Fan Club was tediously trying to get registration online for JoeCon 2012 and all the while the Joe fans which bitching and whining that registration was NOT up yet...  And surprisingly, as if to draw heat from the Club, the movie was pushed back 9 months.  All of the nerd rage then shifted to Hasbro and Paramount.  Calling for heads to roll.  The registration went up, I registered for JoeCon and went about my day.  And I am happy that the studio wants a successful and great GI Joe movie, it can wait until March.  Fix it... Please.

Every other day the GI Joe drama has continued.  Honestly, it has been fairly fun.  I certainly haven't had a boring day reading about rage.  From to this guys email to it has been a week of what does Hasbro and GI Joe owe me.  Everyone who has loved GI Joe from the beginning or avidly at some point feels they are owed some sort of preferential treatment, not even considering that GI Joe is a capitalistic brand meant to MAKE MONEY!  This "money" I speak of relates to my review of this figure: The GI Joe Trooper.  I may suggest that the real loser in the pushing back of the Joe movie is those who do not get a chance or even pass on a chance to purchase this gem of a figure.  He is the ultimate green shirt.  Loaded for the zombie apocalypse, this figure absolutely owns this line.

So the package: movie marketing garbage.  Done, let's move on.  Sure blue and brown.  Woohoo...  I honestly like the blue best, and I think I am the minority.

Inside his plastic viewing box, the Trooper looks decent.  He seems to have potential.  That back, do the guns come out?  Hmmm, can't tell.  What about the knives on his belt?  I hope so.   Well good news kids-at-heart!  They do... it all does and he can carry everything, except his spare head... which would look weird if he did.  I was whelmed before that plastic was ripped open.  Now, I am sold and overwhelmed by how damn good this figure is.

Articulation, couldn't be better...  Double jointed knees, rocker ankles, and a huge range of movement.  Want more?  Get some play-doh.

Paint.  Looks fine.  I don't mind the blue or any other choice.

Sculpt.  Love it.  The head is reminiscent of Halo, which I like.  The body looks military enough for me.  The mo-hawk head is passable.  The gas mask, cool stuff.

Accessories.  Best amount in this line.  Best gimmick.  GEAR!!!!  Oh, but that cloak seriously blows.  It really has no place on this kick-ass figure.  Throw it out or give it to Chuckles... yikes, harsh...

Seriously... lots of freaking gear!

Now, I know I have only praised Mr GI Joe Trooper or Mr. GI Joe Trooper's as he should be everyone's go to green shirt from this point forward (bold statement!!!!) but he is seriously fun to play with.  I hope you enjoy the following photo shoot with Mr. Green S. Hirt as much I did coercing him to show more feeling and passion while I snapped all of these joyful flirtatious moments!

WTF!  Latrine duty?  I have dig my own what?  Ugh..

This is dedicated to the hard work the GI Joe club does to bring a quality product that Joe fans can get behind.  Screw all those who give them flak.  They work hard to bring us what Hasbro will not.  And for that, we thank you!  IG and Oktober Guard?!?!?  You rule...

Review, thoughts, and pics by Jason X