Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Digital River Comes Through With Stinkor

Credit where credit is due. This month has been a model month for my experience with Matty Collector/Digital River. Day of sale, I was able to get through the checkout process with minimal trouble. I had a shipping notification waiting in my morning e-mail the next day. Yesterday, my package was delivered. PLEASE let this be a new standard, and not some sort of aberration. So how does Stinkor look? Read on to find out!

Well, sort of find out. Full disclosure, all of my Masters of the Universe Classics are still trapped in their plastic prisons, as I don’t have anywhere for them to display yet. They are at the top of my list as soon as I can find the space. As such, this is more of a report than a review. But my initial “review” is that Stinkor turned out pretty awesome.

Just look at that face. He looks like a man trapped in his own stink. While the design isn’t anything spectacular, it is exactly what it should be, a nice upgrade to the vintage Stinkor. That’s all I really ask of my Masters of the Universe Classics. If a figure can pull that off, then I’ll give it a favorable review, and I’ll continue to buy the remade vintage figures even with a price increase.