Friday, April 27, 2012

Review: Storm Shadow GI Joe Retaliation

GI Joe: Retaliation...  Can't wait for it.  It is my number 2 must see movie this summer.  (After Avengers of course)  But the toy line...  I don't honestly care much for it.  But then again, I don't jump aboard any movie toy line.  Usually the designs or execution just miss for me.  (Like articulation for the Avengers toys)  I must be honest, Storm Shadow was a lot of fun to play around with, and I didn't even set up his zip line!  When I was a kid, ZIP LINES WERE ROCKIN'!  Almost as cool as holsters... almost.

The articulation on this version of Storm Shadow is as good as the Renegades version, but the similarities end there.  I don't really like the design of the character.  Now it is better than the RoC version, but the high collared look isn't my first choice in ninja style.  I would go less Metro and more Ninja!

He has two swords and a kinda scabbard.  A zip line projectile with two hooks on the ends of the line to anchor them places, and a giant bow looking thing that you slide down the line with.  Now the line is not a cheap piece of string, it is quality.  I am not a fan of over-sized projectile gimmicks.  Give us the line and a functional piece of gear to slide down it.  But it still would be fun to mess around with in ninja battles!

No QC issues.  The paint is good, no issues there.  This one comes right down to design for me.  And he is a big pass.

BBTS has Retaliation figures here: GI Joe Retaliation

 Did you ever rope your figs up like mummies when they were captured?  I did.

And once again BAG YOUR FIGURES correctly!  
For instructions look here:  PSA: How to bag your figs!

OnePerCase Review and pics:  JasonX
Figure courtesy of Enrique.  Thanks buddy!